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"I want to let a lot of people know about my existence. And I want to be considered as a person who has the capacity to improve. If I remain stagnant, I feel like my fans and even I will get tired and be disappointed in myself.


For those who are not aware of the misdeed of Captain:

I didn’t want to post anything about the tragic accident of South Korean ferry because it has already broken my heart into pieces but I saw some misunderstood opinions online and thought this isn’t right. 

Captain’s behaviour was completely HUMAN?!! WTF am I reading. That son of Satan knew he was sailing on a wrong track and when he figured out the ship was malfunctioning, he announced the passengers to stay still. What did he do after that?  He gave up the ship and ran for his life leaving all 474 people behind. 

What’s more,

After he got rescued and sent to a hopital, he was drying a bunch of paper money on a radiator. WTF????!!! Does this even make sense? SAVING MONEY INSTEAD OF HUNDREDS OF LIVES????????? Do you still think his behaviour was COMPLETELY HUMAN?????

Remember this line from Pirates of Caribbean ( Captain J. Sparrow) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (John Harrison) :

No ship should go down without her captain.

I am truely devastated by the news that more deaths are confirmed. We shall not lose hope for our young students and other victims down under somewhere dark and cold. RIP to the bravest heroes who died while saving others and those who deserved a better life. Let there be mercy.










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so fucking sad

Just shows me that people love to bitch, but they don’t like to really do anything about what they’re bitching about.

Its really sad.


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